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Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition is an essential cultural experience that will enrich learning in many subjects. Most suitable for groups aged 9 and over, students will first encounter Nelson Mandela as a child, and explore how each stage of his life shaped his journey to become the globally recognised face of the anti-apartheid struggle and South Africa’s first black president.

The immersive multi-media experience explores how and why Mandela chose to walk the path of reconciliation rather than of conflict; encourages identification with a strong sense of political awakening and will provide hope for a just and equality based future for all.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a free-to-download learning resource guide to help educators plan their visit and support learning through a range topics and themes. The full education resource guide is now available for download.

Please download the learning resources by clicking on the individual buttons.

„Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.“

– Nelson Mandela

Introducing Nelson Mandela

Learning about Apartheid

Dealing with sensitive topics

Mandela: The Official Exhibition is more than just an exhibition: A groundbreaking experience awaits the visitors which exemplifies his life and legacy and which most of all gives hope for a better world.